Maines Paper and Food Service is a distribution company that provides food and supplies to a number of different chains and restaraunts across the US. Headquarted in a large distribution center in the Broome Corporate Park in Conklin, NY, it operates several additional distribution centers throughout the US, a couple of retail outlets in the Binghamton area, and it's own trucking school to provide trained drivers for it's operations.

If your an OTR driver that likes to keep them wheels rolling, this isn't the stop for you.If your late you pay. If you are early or on time, plan on being in a door and your paperwork turned in about an hour past your appointment time. Then grab a nap. You are going to be at the door for at least three hours, if your lucky. Four - five hours is closer to thier average.We service Maines a few times a week, lump our own loads (about 45 minutes) and have never gotten out of there in less than three hours.